Wool Sales Options

We offer a range of wool sales options for every buyer or seller

We auction significant quantities of wool throughout the wool selling season at New Zealand's two key auction houses which are based in Napier and Christchurch.

Forward Contracts
Through our wool export subsidiary, Bloch & Behrens Wool (NZ) Ltd, we are able to offer wool growers price certainty. Securing wool long terms adds certainty to the supply chain and manages price fluctuations.

Private Sales
PGG Wrightson can offer a price to individual growers for their main lines of 4 bales or greater. Prices offered can be either on a greasy kg price basis or a clean kg price basis.

Ezy Wool
A signed agreement between a wool grower and PGG Wrightson for the supply of wool for an agreed fixed term. A fixed fee encompassing a variety of associated wool handling costs (warehousing, sales, wool packs, freight etc) is agreed at time of signing and remains in place for the term of the agreement.

Wool purchasers and exporters are invited to inspect samples, accompanied by wool test results that represent main lines of wool from a grower. PGG Wrightson receives offers from prospective purchasers by a pre-determined deadline, and relay the highest offer to the wool grower who can either accept or decline within a specific time frame, usually over-night.

Wool tenders are run on an irregular basis with best results achieved when there are several lines available at one time. Payment is 11 days from date of confirmed sale.

Wool Express
Designed for small quantities of wool, including mixed bales for re-handling, where individual wool types are priced on a net basis.

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