Land Search and Rescue

Helping the lost, missing and injured

PGG Wrightson has proudly supported Land Search and Rescue New Zealand since 2021, and we're delighted to have renewed our support for a further term.

As a nationwide business supporting the rural sector, we know the importance of planning and preparation when visiting remote locations. With staff regularly visiting clients in isolated areas we know that thinking ahead, having good communication, carrying Personal Locator Beacons, and not relying on mobile phone coverage are crucial steps to ensure everyone comes home safe. We're proud to get behind Land Search and Rescue in their mission to ensure everyone comes home safe, and support their critical community service that helps the lost, missing, and injured. 

Established in 1934, Land Search and Rescue has over 3,000 trained volunteers, who are members of 63 Land Search and Rescue Groups, covering the length and breadth of New Zealand. Land Search and Rescue participates in urban, suburban, rural, wilderness, caves, and shoreline search and rescue operations.

The professional volunteers offer their specialist search and rescue skills free to the public 24/7 via the New Zealand Police and the Rescue Coordination Centre.

Land Search and Rescue volunteers looking at a map

Volunteering for Land Search and Rescue is a unique and powerful way to contribute to your community. We recognise the dedication and bravery of these incredible volunteers who give their time and expertise to help those in need. A number of our clients and team are volunteers who dedicate their time to training, maintaining their competencies, and responding to emergency situations when they arise.

"If I get a call out while at work, Anne Marie my store manager says on every instance just drop everything and go and this is very much appreciated by the Land Search and Rescue organisation"

Ewen Ireland. Customer Service Rep - PGG Wrightson Rural Supplies and Land Search and Rescue volunteer

Staying safe

Follow the 5 simple rules to help stay safe in the outdoors: Choose the right trip, understand the weather, pack warm clothes and food, share your plans and take care of yourself and others.

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