Sprout Agritech

Supporting future agtech

We’re proud to get behind the future of NZ foodtech and agtech so we’ve partnered with Sprout to help the next generation of entrepreneurs accelerate their start up ideas into scalable businesses.

Sprout Accelerator cohort group

The Sprout Accelerator

The Sprout Accelerator is a fast-paced, dynamic, educational accelerator designed to help foodtech and agtech entrepreneurs, companies and scientists turn their novel technology into a scalable business.

Sprout Agritech offers two intakes a year to the Accelerator and the content of each intake is challenging, dynamic and tailored to each entrant’s unique business idea.

Who can apply?

Entrepreneurs & scientists developing new businesses and/or ideas that have a prototype or proof of concept of their productExisting start-ups that are in early stages of growth ~ revenue <$1mA team of at least two is recommended to help pollinate your ideaYou can apply from anywhere in the world (but International companies must have a value proposition for the NZ market to be considered.)

Dynamic, tailored content

During the Sprout Accelerator, your company will be involved in the following:

  1. A one-hour call per week with your Sprout business advisors, to track progress against your milestones.
  2. Attendance at two fast paced Sprout Undergrounds to workshop key areas of your business with experts and mentors.
  3. Refining your pitch and story to customers, investors and partners, so you win support for your value proposition.


Sprout also back ambitious entrepreneurs with novel technologies and global aspirations by investing in the best agritech and foodtech companies NZ has to offer. The team have founded, built, funded and run start-up companies so they know a good one when they see one.

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