IHC Calf & Rural Scheme

One animal can change a life!

Donate an animal, change a life.

Thanks to the generous support of New Zealand farmers, the IHC Calf and Rural Scheme has been transforming the lives of people with disabilities in rural areas for the last 40+ years.

Since launching in 1982, the rural donation scheme has raised over $40 million for IHC. This money makes a true difference to some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable people and their families, making it one of New Zealand’s most successful charitable programmes.

"We’re proud of our long association with this fantastic cause…From its origins, the scheme has always been about rural people doing their practical best to support a community need.” - Peter Newbold, PGG Wrightson

Pledge a calf

What’s the process for pledging livestock?

  1. Confirm your pledge with IHC via the form below and they’ll send you a pink IHC ear tag. Or to pledge a virtual calf, make a donation directly to IHC.
  2. Select and tag your IHC calf with both your NAIT tag and pink IHC tag.
  3. Inform your sales agent of the IHC calf or calves coming with your lot. *
  4. Write ‘IHC calf’ on your ASD form that goes with your IHC calf.
  5. Contact your local transporter to arrange collection.

*If you ‘re unable to send your animal to sale with your own lot, IHC can pay to get them there.

Where does your money go?

  • To supporting families and children with intellectual disabilities.
  • To supporting 1,000 volunteers across New Zealand.
  • To funding local volunteer associations that provide advocacy and support to families in need across New Zealand.
  • To maintaining New Zealand’s most comprehensive library on information relating to intellectual disability.
  • To providing advocacy and self-advocacy for all people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand.
  • To enhancing the living environments of IHC’s 850 homes and other facilities throughout the country.
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