ICIB Brokerweb

ICIB Brokerweb is one of New Zealand’s leading insurance brokers, bringing together over 170 risk and insurance specialists from across Aotearoa New Zealand.

When you work with ICIB Brokerweb, you can be assured of the following:

Personalised and advice-led service

ICIB Brokerweb focuses on building strong, lasting partnerships with their clients and strives to deliver outstanding advice-led service over the lifetime of the business(es) you work in. Communication is key. ICIB Brokerweb will provide you with up-to-date risk and insurance advice, to keep you up to date on emerging risks and what they mean for you. 

As a valued client, you will always have someone available to talk to that understands your business and if you make a claim,  you will be kept you the loop at every step of the process.

Specialist expertise

ICIB Brokerweb has access to the entire insurance market and practices open broking, which means providing clients with choices with their insurance company partner(s).

With some of the best talent in the industry, their brokers specialise in liability, property/construction, motor, marine, rural, personal lines, and personal risk/employee benefits, with specialist brokers bought in to assist wherever required.

ICIB Brokerweb also draws on the resources of the NZ Broker network (as the largest member) and the AUB Group including access to offshore markets such as Lloyd's of London. As Aotearoa New Zealand’s fifth largest broker and part of the AUB group, it provides the company with strong leverage in the insurance market.


ICIB Brokerweb operates a transparent remuneration disclosure for all clients. Total remuneration is disclosed with every transaction. The company stand behind the service it provides and the value it adds to its clients.

They are here for you when it counts.

The true value of your risk and insurance advisor often comes to bear when you need to make a claim.
ICIB Brokerweb’s national claims team is committed to realising each client’s full entitlement at claims time. Their team is represented in every office and works as a nationwide team, with the ability to assist with any clients claim regardless of location, complexity, and size. 

Integrity and values

Integrity and values are at the core of everything ICIB Brokerweb do. ICIB Brokerweb works hard to build a culture that aligns with how it works with its clients and, as part of that, take ownership of its client’s needs.

Information supplied by ICIB Brokerweb

PGG Wrightson Ltd (PGW) may be entitled to a commission for its referral service provided to ICIB Brokerweb. PGW does not provide insurance, insurance advice or financial advice. PGW may, with client consent, manage payment of your insurance premiums to ICIB Brokerweb or clients’ insurance provider. The insurance solution referred to is also offered to PGW staff. Subject to insurer criteria.

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