Investor FAQs

What is PGG Wrightson’s ticker on the NZX? 


What is PGG Wrightson’s current share price?

PGG Wrightson’s current share price is displayed on the NZX here.

How can I find out how much my PGG Wrightson shares are worth?

To find out the value of your shares you need to multiply the number of shares you hold (holding balance) by the current market price. You can check your current holding balance at Computershare Investor Centre.

How can I buy or sell shares in PGG Wrightson?

You will need to contact a share broker or financial adviser. If you do not have a broker, you can view a list of brokers in your area on the NZX website. A share broker will explain how you can buy or sell shares in PGG Wrightson.

My details are wrong on my share certificate, what should I do?

You can correct your details at Computershare Investor Centre.

I am a non-resident; in the event that PGG Wrightson pays dividends how are my dividends taxed?

Non-resident withholding tax (NRWT) is deducted from dividends paid to Shareholders who are not tax residents of New Zealand. New Zealand has tax treaties with many other countries, and for residents of those countries NRWT is deducted at 15%. For residents of other countries, NRWT is deducted at 30%. More information about NRWT and non-resident tax obligations can be found at Inland Revenue.

I am executor for a PGG Wrightson shareholder who has passed away. What do I need to do?

The deceased person’s PGG Wrightson shares will form part of the estate to be distributed according to their will if the deceased has made one. There is more information about this at Computershare Investor Centre.

How are the Directors on the PGG Wrightson Board appointed?

They are elected by Shareholders at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting (ASM). Directors must then stand for re-election at the third ASM following their appointment or three years, whichever is longer. The Board of Directors may also appoint Directors between ASMs where there is a vacancy, and those Directors must stand for election at the next ASM. More information on how the Board is appointed is available under Corporate Governance policies.

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