Max Rewards FAQs


    Frequently asked questions

    Below are a range of frequently asked questions around PGG Wrightson Max Rewards. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.


    Q. How can I earn Max Rewards points?

    You can earn Max Rewards points on selected transactions with Rural Supplies, Fruitfed Supplies, Livestock, Velvet, Wool, Water, Ballance Fertiliser and Meridian Energy.

    Q. What can I use my Max Rewards points for?

    You can use your points to redeem from a great range of products in our Max Rewards catalogue. We work with leading suppliers to bring you the latest in electronics, homewares, appliances, sports and leisure, vouchers, clothing, and more.

    Q. How can I redeem my Max Rewards points?

    You can redeem your points through our Max Rewards website, or by phoning us on 0800 62 62 62.

    Q. How much does it cost to be a Max Rewards member?

    The Max Rewards membership fee is an affordable $40 per year.

    Q. Can I ‘top-up’ my payment with cash if I don’t have enough Max Rewards points?

    Unfortunately, no – at the moment we don’t have the capability to allow you to split payments for redemptions between points and cash.

    Q. Are bulk purchases / on-charges eligible for points?

    Bulk purchases such as fuel, seed and grain, stockfeed and any items that we order directly from a supplier on your behalf are not currently eligible for Max Rewards points. For further details and the full list of exceptions, see here.

    Q. I bill Meridian through my account, can I earn points on that?

    Absolutely! For existing Max Rewards members, you will earn 1 Max Rewards point for every $5 spent with Meridian Energy.

    Q. What is the returns policy on products I've redeemed?

    You cannot return or exchange Max Rewards items if you change your mind. In the unlikely case that the item you receive is faulty or damaged, please contact us on 0800 62 62 62 and we will arrange for the return and replacement of the product.

    Q. Do Max Rewards points expire?

    All Max Rewards points have an expiry of three years from when you earned them. Your Max Rewards statement will show any points due to expire over the next four months so you don’t forget to redeem them.

    Q. How do I find out about Max Rewards tiers and tier benefits

    Information about Max Rewards tiers can be found at our tiers page.

    Q. When does my tier change or expire?

    Your tier will move up automatically when you have earned more Max Rewards points than the tier threshold within a 12-month period.   Your tier will drop down if you have not earned enough Max Rewards points to meet your current tier threshold within 12 months of your tier anniversary.

    Q. I have multiple accounts under one Max Rewards membership:

      - Does each account have their own tier?

    Tier status is based on the number of points earned by the main Max Rewards account and all of the secondary accounts combined. This ensures that all accounts under one Membership are on the same tier.

      - What is my membership fee and benefits?

    You will also only pay one membership fee per ‘loyalty family’.  The main Max Rewards account will be the one that receives the membership welcome gift and the annual membership renewal points gift.

    Q. How do I know which tier I’m on?

    Your current tier will be printed on your monthly Max Rewards statement.  You can also phone us to find out on 0800 62 62 62.

    Q. It’s the end of the month and I have points expiring – can I still redeem them?

    If you have points expiring and you place a redemption outside of normal business hours before the end of month, points will show to expire on your Max Rewards statement. We will honour and reinstate your points for the redemption placed within this period; this will show on your next statement.

    Q. What is my Max Rewards membership number?

    Your Max Rewards number is your PGG Wrightson monthly trade account number.

    Q. Can Max Rewards statements be combined?

    No, we do not offer a combined statement. Multiple statements can be emailed to the same email address. You can also view multiple account statements online when you register for our Online Account Services.

    Q. Can points on multiple accounts be combined?

    Yes. If the legal entity is the same across accounts, contact the Max Rewards customer service team on 0800 62 62 62 and they will be able to transfer the points onto the nominated account.

    Q. If account ownership changes, can points be transferred onto the new account?

    Yes, if the account is the same legal entity or can be verified as linked to the old account.

    Q. What happens to Max Rewards membership if the owner becomes deceased?

    Contact PGG Wrightson Customer Services on 0800 10 22 76 to discuss if the account is to be closed. Max Rewards points will be redeemable for a short period after the account notification and redemptions may be done by a beneficiary of the account owner.

    Q. Can Max Rewards points be used or transferred if an account is on hold?

    No. If an account is on hold all points linked to the account will also be locked until account payment is made.

    Q. Can I view my Max Rewards statements online?

    Yes. Sign up to PGG Wrightson’s Online Account Services for access to your Max Rewards monthly statements.

    Q. Can I get my Max Rewards statements emailed to me instead of posted?

    Yes, it’s super easy: click here to sign up for emailed statements.

    Q. Where can I find the Max Rewards programme terms and conditions?

    Click on the links below to view the Max Rewards programme terms and conditions.

    Q. Where do I go if I have a question or complaint?

    Please call 0800 62 62 62 and speak with one of our customer service team who will be able to assist you. We will investigate the matter raised and get back to you within 48 hours.

    If you are not satisfied with our response you may refer the dispute to Financial Services Complaints Limited. PGG Wrightson will provide you with the contact details for Financial Services Complaints Limited.

    Mobilcard FAQs

    Mobilcard frequently asked questions

    Below are a range of frequently asked questions around the PGG Wrightson Max Rewards membership card (Mobilcard). If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

    Q. How do I apply for a MobilCard?

    You can fill in and submit an application {link}.Your Mobilcard charges will go against your PGG Wrightson monthly trade account.  Once you receive your card you will need to activate a PIN to receive Mobilcard member only fuel discounts.

    Q. Can a business name be used on a Mobilcard card(s)?

    No. We require a customer name on all cards.

    Q. My details have changed, who do I contact?

    Contact Max Rewards customer services on 0800 62 62 62.

    Q. Can I change the name on my Mobilcards card(s)?

    Yes. Please call Max Rewards customer services on 0800 62 62 62.

    Q. Can I order additional Mobilcards?

    Yes. Contact Max Rewards customer services on 0800 62 62 62 for more information.

    Q. What are the Mobilcard benefits?

    Make billing easy, purchase your fuel through your PGG Wrightson Monthly Trade Account and receive a discount off the pump price at select Mobil and non-Mobil sites.

    • Mobil sites’ discount: 12c off per Litre.
    • Non-Mobil sites’ discount: 3c off per Litre.

    Q. Where can I use my Mobilcard?

    Mobilcard can be used at Mobil branded service stations, Mobil truckstops, and selected Mobil-supplied distributor service stations (e.g. Allied Petroleum, Waitomo Petroleum, Nelson Petroleum and Wealleans Petroleum) New Zealand wide.

    Click here to check the locations sites accepting Mobilcard near you.

    Q. Does Mobilcard come with credit limits?

    Yes. A default credit limit is set for every activated Mobilcard.

    • Default daily limit: $250
    • Default monthly limit: $1000
    • You may request to raise your credit limit by calling Max Rewards customer services on 0800 62 62 62.

    Q. I have a Mobilcard and its not working – why is this?

    If your card is not used over a 6-month period, it will become inactive. You will need to contact the team on 0800 62 62 62 to discuss your options.


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