LandMarks Photo Collection 2023 Finalists

Congratulations to all finalists

Thank you to all participants in this year's Landmarks Photo Collection photography competition. We are pleased to release the finalists, shortlisted from over 1000 entries. 

The calibre of entries this year has been outstanding and our judges will be making the final selection in August. We look forward to sharing the winners at the start of September.


Landmarks Photo Collection 202 Finalists
Farmer on a hill with dogs
Resting dog
Golden hillside with sheep
Farmland with sheep and cloudy skies
Blueberries close up
A wind machine in a cherry orchard
On the lookout
Dark clouds rolling over farmland
A woolshed with two shearers
Lamb by a veggie garden
Flock of sheep
Farmland with sheep
Shepherd and dogs
Harvester with mountain background
Sunflower irrigation
A field of sunflowers
Farmland at sunrise
Sheep on a snowy road
Young child feeding chickens
Harvesting crops
Deer behind a fence
Two lambs and a sheep
Farmland at sunrise
Sheep at sunrise
A line of cows
Farmland and cattle
Farmland with sunrays
A vineyard in Gisborne
Harvester with birds flying overhead
Day old seedling shoots
Haybales in a field
Sunrise over farmland
Sheep walking on a road
A harvester in sunrise
Steamy sheep on a farmland
A farmer and dog herding sheep
Aerial view of a vineyard
Sheep walking down a gravel road
Sheep on a road
Farmland with sheep
Farmland with sheep
A flock of sheep
Mother sheep with two lambs
Sheep walking down a gravel road
Farmland with pink skies
Farmland with brown cows
A bull on farmland
Closeup of lamb
A field of tulips
Cows in the snow
A row of tulips
A child with chickens
Closeup of sunflowers
A child helping sweep wool
Two cows and a lamb
Closeup of a sheep
Farmdog wit farmland background
Aerial view of an irrigator
Aerial view of a bridge
Two cows
Farmland and cloudy skies
Crop with blue sky
Sheep on a deck
Cattle at sunrise
Dog with cattle in the background
Two dogs on a hill at sunrise
Bull behind a fence
Cattle mustering
Flock of sheep
Vineyard in Gisborne
Farmland with horse
Farmland with goat
Sunflower close up
Farmland with pink horizon
Farmland with sheepdog
Farmland with sheep
Farmland with two sheep
Vineyard in Gisborne
A row of bulls
Aerial view of a vineyard
An orchard and blue bin
Farmland and cloudy skies
Crop with blue sky
Close up of brown and white cattle
Farmland with cattle
A flock of sheep
Farmland with deer
Closeup of black cow

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