Design and Planning

The design and planning process undertaken by our qualified design engineers will provide you with all the information needed, including real system operating costs and comparisons between different forms of irrigation.

Our certified design engineers can assess your requirements and offer you a range of options to both meet your budget and optimising your ongoing running costs. All irrigation system designs are prepared in accordance with the Code of Practice as published by the irrigation associations of New Zealand and Australia.

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Our team will provide you with:

  • On site consultation
  • Comparisons between different forms of irrigation.
  • Fixed system capital cost
  • Estimated system operating costs

During our design phase we increasingly focus on:

  • Systems that maximize water efficiency
  • Minimising running costs
  • Utilising cost effective and reliable components
  • Meeting the installation and commissioning timeline
  • Being able to provide back-up service and advice on all systems and components we sell.

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