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Agricultural irrigation

We offer a range of broad-acre and pastoral irrigation systems to fit all farms and budgets. Irrigation increases the production of milk solids, allows you to graze the land more intensively and to grow better quality feed. The result is increased returns for your farm. Allow us to show you the return on your investment in an irrigation system with a customised economic analysis for your farm.

Horticultural irrigation

We have a range of irrigation systems for the horticultural industry. Whether you own a small lifestyle block or you are a large commercial grower we have a system that is efficient, will meet your watering needs and will fit within your budget.  From greenhouse irrigation and misting to drip systems for potatoes, frost protection systems for kiwifruit and cherry trees, sprinkler systems for nurseries, micro-irrigation systems for stone and pip fruit trees, drip systems for vineyards and olive groves and hydroponic and fertigation equipment.

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