PGG Wrightson and our fuel partners can offer you some fantastic savings on fuel, with the added convenience of billing being charged through your monthly PGG Wrightson Monthly Trade Account. 

Your BP Fuel Card can be used at over 200 retail sites and 60 truckstops across New Zealand.

The BP Fuel Card network includes:

  • 104 BP Connect sites featuring Wild Bean Cafe
  • 105 independently owned BP 2go branded outlets
  • 62 BP truckstops
  • 120 G.A.S sites
  • 20 RD Petroleum sites (South Island)

BP Fuel discounts:

  • 14 cents per litre off Petrol
  • 14 cents per litre off Diesel
  • 14 cents per litre off Diesel at Truckstop
  • No card fees
  • No transaction fees

(All discounts off the pump price)

Get a Fuel Card today

Please note that PGG Wrightson has secured discounts from the service providers to the supply price on your behalf. PGG Wrightson may receive a rebate and/or marketing and administration commission from each service provider.

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