Young Grower of the Year

Celebrating excellence in fruit and vegetable growing

The Young Grower of the Year is an annual competition to celebrate excellence within the fruit and vegetable industry. Fruitfed Supplies is proud to have supported the Young Grower competition for many years and is committed to supporting the wider horticultural sector. 

The competition gives young people working in horticulture an opportunity to develop their skills and foster networks with other future leaders of the industry.

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Developing future leaders

Following regional competitions in which fruit and vegetable growers compete for the top place in their region, winners go on to compete in the national Young Grower of the Year competition. Contestants compete in a series of practical and theoretical horticulture modules across two days including practical tests in nutrition and fertigation, tractor operation, integrated pest management, keeping everyone healthy and safe, agrichemical stewardship, and horticulture biosecurity. Entrants also participate in two business activities, innovation and a leadership panel, and deliver a speech.

The Young Grower of the Year then goes on to compete in the Young Horticulturist of the Year competition.

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We value this opportunity to recognise and support the young people in our sector.

Duncan Fletcher, Fruitfed Supplies National Manager

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