Supporting Rural Communities

We are proud to support and provide a wide range of sponsorships within our rural communities. From A&P Shows to community organisations, we are doing our part in helping grow the country. To apply for sponsorship of your community event or organisation, complete the application form online.

Cash for Communities

In association with Ballance Agri-Nutrients, PGG Wrightson offers a Cash for Communities programme to raise money for rural schools, St John and Rescue Helicopter. Any farmer who purchases Ballance Agri-Nutrients fertilizer on their PGG Wrightson account during the advertised period, could earn cash for their chosen organisation.

Community events

With a business presence in 96 sites within New Zealand, PGG Wrightson touches many rural communities. We want to support the communities that support us; that’s why we’re out and about sponsoring community events from A&P shows to equestrian events, dog trials to shearing competitions.

Sports teams

PGG Wrightson is proud to provide support for a number of community sports groups and teams. Encouraging sports talent in New Zealand is just one way we’re helping grow the country.