Wool Products

The unique benefits of wool

Wool is a unique, natural and sustainable product. It is easily the most commonly used natural animal fibre in fabrics and the most valued fabric in the world. It is naturally fire retardant and extremely strong.

It functions as a temperature regulator, protecting the body in both cold and warm conditions. Wool also has a natural elasticity so that woollen fabric which is twisted or stretched will regain its shape.

The high quality of our New Zealand wool makes it ideal for a number of products – from everyday apparel to insulation for astronauts to the tennis balls used at Wimbledon.

Merino Wool

Wool apparel has come a long way from the garish hand knitted jersey; wool has become recognised as the fibre for all seasons, climates and people. Hailed as a miracle fibre – soft with exceptional elasticity, durable and breathable – our Merino wool inspires creations for the everyday as well as the catwalk.

Why do we love to wear New Zealand Merino?

  • Merino wool dyes well, holding deep and brilliant colours
  • It’s much finer than traditional wool
  • Highly breathable because the individual fibres breathe as well as the fabric
  • The natural anti-microbial properties of Merino wool make it odour resistant
  • Will absorb up to a third of its weight in water without feeling clammy
  • A 100% natural product and sustainable
  • Easy care and machine washable

Rugs and carpet

Leading rug and carpet manufacturers recognise wool as the most exceptional quality fibre. There are a number of benefits to having a wool carpet, versus a synthetic one.

  • Natural resilience to dirt and stains.
  • Wool is a non-allergenic fibre.
  • Wool fibre has natural interlocking scales on its outer surface. This ensures fibre strength, resilience and pliability.
  • Wool is natural, it ages gracefully.
  • Natural crimp gives woollen carpets a built-in resilience to crushing.
  • Naturally flame retardant, wool is difficult to ignite, does not melt, and is self-extinguishable.
  • 100% wool carpet has natural protection from the build-up of static electricity.
  • Inherent bulk and resilience gives wool superior sound and heat insulating properties.
  • Wool fibre is renewable, sustainable, durable and biodegradable.

Blankets and bedding

Wool is the best choice for top quality bedding because it is lightweight and soft, yet wonderfully warm and cosy.

The unique natural properties of wool bedding combined with pure cotton means that you stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter resulting in a better sleep.

Wool insulation

Wool is a natural hygroscopic insulator. This means it readily absorbs moisture from the air.

The moisture is held by the wool fibres ‘lightly’, and is in equilibrium with the humidity in the air. In cold damp conditions (high relative humidity) moisture is absorbed by wool and heat is given off. In warm dry conditions, moisture is released by wool, resulting in a cooling effect.

These properties make wool an obvious choice for insulating homes and other buildings. Wool is used for both thermal and acoustic insulating applications. Wool insulation comes in the form of batts or ropes which are installed in the roofs, walls and floors of buildings. With wool insulation and carpeting, your home will naturally be a drier, healthier place in which to live.

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