Forward Contracts

Through our wool export subsidiary, Bloch & Behrens Wool (NZ) Ltd, we are able to offer wool growers price certainty. We purchase wool for select high end markets. Securing wool long terms adds certainty to the supply chain and manages price fluctuations.

Bloch & Behrens has direct relationships with manufacturers around the world, many of whom are seeking supply and price certainty. As a result, we can offer growers fixed price forward contracts while the wool is growing on the sheep’s back. 

Some of the benefits that fixed price forward contracts offer are:

Provide price certainty

Locking in part of your future wool clip means you are not as reliant on the spot price on the day the wool is ready for sale. This is similar to managing loans by using a mixture of fixed and floating interest rates.

Certainty of supply 

Our global partners are provided with certainty of supply, thereby securing their long term commitment to New Zealand wool.

Form closer links 

Manufacturers and growers working together will create long term price stability.

Wool Forward Contract Graph Nov21