2024 Bull Sales Schedule

Looking for the details on an upcoming bull sale?

Whether you’re looking for Angus, Simmental, Hereford, Charolais or Shorthorn cattle, there will be plenty to choose from at this year’s PGG Wrightson bull sales.    

As the biggest player in New Zealand’s study livestock sector, we have more reach and more influence. We run the country’s biggest sales events, bringing the largest possible pool of buyers together, which means more choice and a higher quality product.  

Bull Sales are held between April to July, and auctions are available on-farm and online.  

Head along to a sale near you, or contact one of our genetics specialists to find the best bull for your breeding needs. 

2024 Bull Sale Dates

North Island

    Date Sale Name Time Location Agent
    6&7 MAY East Coast Angus Bull Walk   Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    8 MAY East Coast Hereford Bull Walk   Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    9&10 MAY Hawkes Bay Angus Bull Walk   Hawkes Bay Tom Suttor
    13 MAY King Country Breeders Open Day   Taumaranui Cam Heggie
    14 MAY Taumaranui Angus Breeders Open Day   Taumaranui Cam Heggie
    14 MAY Rangitikei / Whanganui Angus Bull Open Day   Rangitikei Simon Smith
    15 MAY King Country Bull Breeders Open Day   King Country Cam Heggie
    15 MAY Central Wairapapa Hereford Bull Walk     Tom Suttor
    16 MAY Ruaview Angus & Simmental 12.00pm Ohakune Simon Smith
    16 MAY Okahu Hereford - Private Treaty   Raetihi Simon Smith
    16 MAY Central Wairapapa Angus Bull Walk     Tom Suttor
    20 MAY Kaimoa South Devon 1.30pm Eketahuna Simon Smith
    20 MAY Gold Creek Simmental 2pm Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    21 MAY Kerrah Simmental 1pm Wairoa Emma Pollitt
    21 MAY Coleman Farm Charolais 1pm Kaikohe Cam Heggie
    23 MAY Morton Shorthorn 1pm Katikati Cam Heggie
    24 MAY Longview Shorthorn 1pm Kerikeri Cam Heggie
    27 MAY Kia-Toa Charolais 1.30pm Te Kuiti Cam Heggie
    27 MAY Potawa Simmental 11am Pio Pio Cam Heggie
    27 MAY Whananaki Coast Charolais 2pm Whananaki Cam Heggie
    28 MAY Raupuha Shorthorn 11:30am Mahoenui Cam Heggie
    28 MAY Rauriki Charolais 2pm Flemington Tom Suttor
    28 MAY Colvend Shorthorn & Angus   Taumaranui Cam Heggie
    29 MAY Tarangower Angus & Rockend Hereford 11.30am Mahoenui Cam Heggie
    29 MAY Te Taumata Hereford 1pm Masterton Tom Suttor
    30 MAY Glenbrae Hereford 2pm Porangahau Tom Suttor
    30 MAY Ngakouka Hereford Bull Sale 1pm Dannevirke Tom Suttor
    30 MAY Dandaloo Angus 1pm Masterton Tom Suttor
    30 MAY Tapiri Angus 10am Masterton Tom Suttor
    30 MAY Hingaia Angus 3pm Wharepunga Cam Heggie
    31 MAY Kairuru Hereford 1pm Reporoa Cam Heggie
    31 MAY Oregon Angus 11am Masterton Tom Suttor
    31 MAY Kay Jay Angus 2pm Masterton Tom Suttor
    Date Sale Name Time Location Agent
    4 JUN Shian Angus 11am Taumaranui Cam Heggie
    4 JUN Blackridge Angus 2pm Taumaranui Cam Heggie
    4 JUN Puke-Nui Angus 4.30pm Taumaranui Cam Heggie
    4 JUN Otapawa Hereford 12pm Eketahuna Simon Smith
    4 JUN Wairere Angus 1pm Meremere Simon Smith
    5 JUN Storth Oaks Angus 1pm Otorohanga Cam Heggie
    5 JUN Mokairau Hereford 10.30am Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    5 JUN Wilencote Hereford 2.30pm Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    5 JUN Merchiston Angus Bull 2.30pm Rata Simon Smith
    5 JUN Hinewaka Shorthorn 3pm Masterton Tom Suttor
    5 JUN Platform Hereford Bull Sale 7pm Online Simon Smith
    6 JUN Pine Park Angus 11.30am Marton Simon Smith
    6 JUN Ranui Angus 3pm Kai Iwi Simon Smith
    6 JUN Ipura South Devon 1pm Te Kuiti Cam Heggie
    6 JUN Waitangi Angus 1pm Waitangi Cam Heggie
    6 JUN Maungahina Hereford & Speckle Park Bull 1pm Masterton Tom Suttor
    7 JUN Twin Oaks Angus 1pm Te Akau Cam Heggie
    7 JUN Rolling Rock Angus 10am Te Akau Cam Heggie
    7 JUN Totaranui Angus 1.30pm Pahiatua Simon Smith
    10 JUN Atahua Angus 11am Kiwitea Simon Smith
    10 JUN Ngaputahi Angus 3pm Pohangina Simon Smith
    10 JUN Mt Mable Angus 2.30pm Kumeroa Tom Suttor & Simon Smith
    11 JUN Dandaleith Angus 10am Dannevirke Simon Smith
    11 JUN Elgin Angus 3pm Elsthorpe Tom Suttor
    11 JUN Brookwood Angus - Private Treaty   Takapau Tom Suttor
    13 JUN Koanui Polled Hereford 1pm Havelock North Tom Suttor
    14 JUN Glen Anthony Simmental 12.30pm Waipukurau Tom Suttor
    14 JUN Snake Gully Limousins 1pm Maungakaramea Cam Heggie
    18 JUN Brown Shorhorn Bull 7pm Online Only Cam Heggie
    21 JUN Ratanui Angus 2pm Tuai Emma Pollitt
    21 JUN Glenrossie Shorthorn & Santa Gertrudis 1pm Whangarei Heads Cam Heggie
    24 JUN Orere Angus Bull 9am Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    24 JUN Kaharau Angus 4.30pm Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    24 JUN Tangihau Angus 12pm Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    25 JUN Tawa Hills Angus Bull 9.30am Matawhero Emma Pollitt
    25 JUN Whangara Angus 12pm Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    25 JUN Turihaua Angus 3.30pm Gisborne Emma Pollitt
    26 JUN Turiroa Angus 2pm Wairoa Emma Pollitt
    26 JUN Kenhardt Angus 10am Nukaka Emma Pollitt
    27 JUN Glanworth Angus 2.30pm Pahiatua Tom Suttor


    Date Sale Name Time Location Agent
    1 JUL Te Puna Hereford 12.30pm Okaihau Cam Heggie
    2 JUL Matauri Angus 1pm Dargarville Cam Heggie
    23 JUL Arahou Hereford 1pm Tangiteroria Cam Heggie


    South Island

      Date Sale Name Time Location Agent
      1 MAY Meadowslea Angus Female 1pm Fairlie Simon Eddington
      16 MAY Glenwood Angus Bull & Loch Lomond South Devon 2pm Taieri Callum McDonald
      17 MAY Rough Ridge Shorthorn 11am Ranfurly Callum McDonald
      17 MAY Opawa Simmental 1.30pm Albury Simon Eddington
      17 MAY Penvose Angus 2pm Wedderburn Callum McDonald
      20 MAY Taiaroa Charolais 2pm Paerau Callum McDonald
      20 MAY Kincardine Angus Queenstown 3.30pm Queenstown Callum McDonald
      21 MAY Merrylea Hereford 7.30pm Online - bidr Simon Eddington
      21 MAY Glendhu Shorthorn 11am Heriot Callum McDonald
      21 MAY Delmont Angus 2.30pm Clinton Callum McDonald
      21 MAY Mid South Canterbury Bull Walk 7pm M / S Canterbury Simon Eddington
      22 MAY Matatoki Hereford 7pm Cave Simon Eddington
      22 MAY Leafland Simmental 11am North Taieri Callum McDonald
      22 MAY Beresford Simmental 3pm Owaka Callum McDonald
      22 MAY Central Canterbury Bull Walk   Canterbury Simon Eddington
      23 MAY Hill Valley Simmental   Millers Flat Callum McDonald
      23 MAY Glenside Simmental 2pm Waitahuna Callum McDonald
      23 MAY North Canterbury & Conway Flat Bull Walk   North Canterbury Simon Eddington
      24 MAY Stoneburn Polled Hereford & Angus 1.30pm Palmerston Callum McDonald
      24 MAY Malborough & Nelson Bull Walk     Simon Eddington
      25 MAY Flagstaff Hereford, Glacier Horned & Bannockburn Angus 1pm South Westland Callum McDonald
      27 MAY Umbrella Range Angus Bull 1pm Waikaia Callum McDonald
      28 MAY Limehills Polled Hereford 2.30pm Millers Flat Callum McDonald
      28 MAY Peters Angus 11am Beaumont Callum McDonald
      29 MAY Monymusk Polled Hereford 11.30am Te Anau Callum McDonald
      29 MAY Hauroko Valley Combined Bull (Waiau Hereford, Pourakino Hereford, Pikoburn Angus, Wainuke South Devon) 2.30pm Lillburn Valley Callum McDonald
      30 MAY Okawa Hereford Bull 1pm Mt Somers Simon Eddington
      30 MAY Waimara Angus Bull 1pm Eastern Bush Callum McDonald
      30 MAY Waikaka Hereford 4pm Greenvale Callum McDonald
      31 MAY Locharburn Horned Hereford 1pm Lowburn Callum McDonald


      Date Sale Name Time Location Agent
      4 JUN Mount Linton Angus 1pm Ohai Callum McDonald
      5 JUN Orari Gorge Hereford 11am Orari Simon Eddington
      6 JUN Beechwood, Richon, Woodburn Hereford 11am Amberley Simon Eddington
      6 JUN Haldon Station Hereford & Angus 1pm Mackenzie Callum McDonald
      6 JUN Grassmere Hereford & Riverlands Angus 2pm Cheviot Simon Eddington
      7 JUN Earnscleugh Angus, Polled Hereford & Composite 1pm Alexandra Callum McDonald
      10 JUN Martin Farming Angus & Hereford 2.30pm Wakefield Simon Eddington
      10 JUN Mt Possession Angus 2.30pm Mt Somers Simon Eddington
      10 JUN Cleardale Angus 11am Rakaia Simon Eddington
      11 JUN Fossil Creek Angus 2pm Five Forks Callum McDonald
      12 JUN Silverstream Charolais & Hereford 1pm Lincoln Simon Eddington
      12 JUN Glen R Angus 11am Darfield Simon Eddington
      12 JUN Meadowslea Angus 1pm Fairlie Simon Eddington
      13 JUN Sudeley Angus 12pm Irwell Simon Eddington
      13 JUN Hemmingford Charolais 4pm Culverden Simon Eddington
      13 JUN Alfirstson Hereford 4pm Culverden Simon Eddington
      14 JUN Red Oak Angus 4pm Waiapara Simon Eddington
      14 JUN Grampians Angus 1pm Culverden Simon Eddington
      17 JUN Blenheim Bull, Leefield Angus & Blackknight Angus 11am Waihopai Valley Simon Eddington
      17 JUN Taimate Angus & Butergill South Devon 1pm Ward Simon Eddington
      17 JUN Kakahu Angus & Charolais 1pm Geraldine Simon Eddington
      17 JUN Okiwi Angus 7pm Bidr Simon Eddington
      18 JUN Matariki Hereford & Woodbank Angus 1pm Clarence Bridge Simon Eddington
      19 JUN Te Mania Angus 12.30pm Conway Flats Simon Eddington
      20 JUN Stern Angus 1pm Totara Valley Simon Eddington


      Want to know more?

      Our genetics specialists are available to help you with any questions you may have, or to help you create a breeding programme suited to your farming operation. We listen to you - and what you're trying to achieve, then together we can make a plan to suit your farming goals. 

      Callum Stewart

      National Genetics Manager, Auctioneer

      Callum McDonald

      Livestock Genetics Rep - Lower South Island
      Lower South Island

      Cam Heggie

      Livestock Genetics Rep & Auctioneer - Hamilton
      Northland, South Auckland, Waikato, King Country

      Emma Pollitt

      Livestock Genetics Rep - Gisborne/Wairoa
      East Coast

      John McKone

      South Island Head Auctioneer - Amberley

      Simon Smith

      Genetics Rep - Manawatu, Whanganui, Taranaki

      Tom Suttor

      Genetics Rep - Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa
      Hawke's Bay

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