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1 December 2023
Wool Street Journal
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PGG Wrightson Wool applauds Government's wool preference directive

In a groundbreaking move, the New Zealand government has recently directed its agencies to prioritise the use of woollen fibres over synthetic alternatives in public sector buildings. This decision has garnered support from various quarters, and PGG Wrightson Wool stands firmly behind this initiative, recognising its positive impact on the rural sector and the broader wool industry.

The coalition government's directive represents a significant endorsement of wool in public infrastructure. The move is praised by PGG Wrightson Wool General Manager, Grant Edwards, who notes a growing trend among organisations opting for wool over plastic. PGG Wrightson Wool sees this decision as a substantial boost to wool growers and the industry.

With over 16,000 buildings valued at over $31 billion under government ownership, the preference for wool could significantly impact sheep farmers. 

PGG Wrightson Wool supports the government's initiative. Recognising the ecological benefits of wool, the company supports the shift towards sustainable options in construction. As a participant in the industry.

In conclusion, the government's preference for wool in public sector buildings marks a positive step towards sustainability and supports New Zealand's rural economy. PGG Wrightson Wool, along with industry players, welcomes this move and is committed to contributing to the success of this initiative.

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