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8 February 2024
Over the Farm Gate
Market Commentary

Market for dairy herds trending up

Improving prospects prompt strong enquiry.

Anyone considering selling a dairy herd this autumn should consult a PGG Wrightson Livestock representative without delay.

Herds going under contract now will settle in May and June, meaning market interest picks up from February as the main season for herd sales approaches. Enquiry on quality herds is strong, particularly in the South Island. With Global Dairy Trade auctions becoming more favourable over the last two months, prospects for a respectable payout are improving, and positive sentiment is gradually returning to the sector. 

While availability of cows is good with herds coming forward steadily, there is always strong demand for the better herds, particularly the top five per cent. The current market for herds is expected to remain steady, therefore anyone who plans ahead will have an advantage.

Sellers who take the initiative to organise early, confirm dates, and develop a well-thought-out marketing plan will ensure maximum exposure. This also enables the seller to provide the PGG Wrightson Livestock team with ample opportunity to spread the word, including leveraging social media platforms.

Potential buyers typically seek high-quality cows with well-documented records, good figures, and proven production. While some may consider geographic location, others are willing to explore options beyond their immediate area, where Agonline can provide excellent convenience for purchasers to view all our dairy listing.

Check Agonline to see the dairy herd sale listings: 

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