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Livestock & Chattel Valuations

PGG Wrightson Livestock offers a professional valuation service for livestock and chattel valuations.

Our experienced team of valuers provide independant and professional judgement, without interference, of a fair market value. As New Zealand’s largest livestock business, PGG Wrightson have unmatched access to market information for all classes of livestock. 
Market value is the amount for which the stock or chattels should exchange on the day of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller. Market value excludes notional commission, freight or any other costs.

Valuation agreements are completed prior to commencing the valuation. These outline the process, appointment of the party’s respective valuer(s) and the fee that will be incurred.

Types of valuations:
  1. Full valuation (Two valuers and an umpire)
  2. Valuation with two valuers
  3. Valuation with one valuer
  4. Desktop/Market valuation
  5. Forward dated dairy valuations 

Please contact your local Livestock representative for more information.

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