Yearling Bull Sales

Quality Yearling Bulls

Better stud stock for better results.

PGG Wrightson Livestock Genetics combine decades of hands-on rural experience with the most comprehensive data available.

We partner with forward-thinking breeders and farmers to enhance animal performance and improve business results.

If you’re looking for better business results then give us a call today.

We work closely with stud breeders around the country to help you source top quality yearlings to suit your breeding requirements and can offer advice around the range of benefits including:

  • Increased calving ease
  • Shorter gestation length
  • Higher growth

Upcoming Yearling Bull Sales

A list of upcoming yearling bull sales across the country can be found below.

Contact your local genetics rep for more info >

2020 North Island Yearling Bull Sale Dates

2 Sep Te Atarangi 1yr Angus, 12.30pm bidr® Livestream Dargaville
3 Sep Waimaire Otengi Herefords, 12.00pm Kaeo
4 Sep Hukaroa 1yr & 2yr Hereford, 12.00pm Waerenga
4 Sep Clements Farms Hereford Marua
8 Sep Ranui Yearling Angus & Heifer Sale, 12.00pm Wanganui
8 Sep Kokonga 1yr Hereford, 12.30pm bidr® Livestream Hamilton
8 Sep Dargaville All Breeds Bull Dargaville
9 Sep Charwell Hereford Manawahe
10 Sep Maranui Herefords 1 & 2yr Bull bidr® Livestream Waihi
10 Sep McFadzen Cattle Co Yearling Bull bidr® Livestream Masterton
11 Sep Heather Dell Angus Paradise Valley bidr® Livestream Rotorua
11 Sep Black Bear Angus Paradise Valley bidr® Livestream Rotorua
14 Sep Craigmore 1yr Hereford, 12.30pm bidr® Livestream Rukuhia
14 Sep Te Whanga Yearling Angus bidr® Livestream Masterton
15 Sep Waitangi Yearling Angus, 12.00pm bidr® Livestream Waitangi
15 Sep Paradise Valley Murray Grey Bull bidr® Livestream Otorohanga
15 Sep Totaranui Yearling Angus Pahiatua
16 Sep Stokman Yearling Angus, 1.00pm bidr® Livestream Waikite Valley
17 Sep Swaps All Breeds Bull Waikato
17 Sep Riverton Hereford, 12.00pm Fordell
17 Sep R & K Ward, Kairaumati Hereford Bull bidr® Livestream Thames
17 Sep Mangaotea Bull, 12.00pm Tariki
18 Sep Kay Jay Angus, N & J Kestrup, Yearling Bull and Heifer 12.30 pm bidr® Livestream Masterton
18 Sep Gembroke Hereford & Angus 2 year & Yearling Bull Pahiatua
18 Sep Mahuta 1yr Hereford, 1.00pm bidr® Livestream Glen Murray
21 Sep Mt Mable Angus Yearling Bull 12.00 pm bidr® Livestream Kumeroa
21 Sep Hillcroft 2yr Hereford & Angus, 11.30am Huntly
21 Sep Hoko Herefords, 7.30pm bidr® Livestream Rotorua
22 Sep Shadow Downs Hereford Sale Waverley
22 Sep Ardo Hereford, 12.00pm bidr® Livestream Marton
22 Sep Whangara Angus Yearling Bull, 2.00pm Gisborne
22 Sep Ratanui Angus Yearling Sale, 11.00am Gisborne
22 Sep Takapoto Yearling Angus Bulls Karapiro
23 Sep Herepuru Station 2 yr Herefords Manawahe
23 Sep Turihaua Spring Sale Angus 2yr & Yearlings, 1.00pm Gisborne
23 Sep Kauri Downs Ylg Angus Waihi
24 Sep Twin Oaks Angus, 1.00pm Te Akau
24 Sep Motere Yearling Angus, 1.00pm Waipukarau
25 Sep Waiterenui Yearling Angus, 12.00pm bidr® Livestream Hastings
27 Sep Rangatira Yearling and R2 Heifer viewing, 1.00pm - 4.00pm Gisborne
28 Sep Rangatira Yearling and 2 year old Heifer dispersal, 11.00am bidr® Livestream Gisborne
29 Sep Tahuna & Hiwiroa Shorthorns, 7.30pm bidr® Livestream Waipukurau
1 Oct Glanworth Yearling Angus, 12.00pm Pahiatua

2020 South Island Yearling Bull Sale Dates

30 Sep Shrimpton Hills Hereford, Noon Cave
2 Oct Grantleigh Farm Murray Grey and Hereford Yearling Bull Twizel
5 Oct Glen R Angus, 1.30pmbidr® Livestream Sheffield
6 Oct Matariki Hereford & Woodbank Angus, 2.00pm bidr® Livestream Clarence Bridge
7 Oct Te Mania Angus, 1.00pm bidr® Livestream Conway Flat
7 Oct Bluestone Hereford, 1.00pm Cave
8 Oct Red Oak Angus, 1.00pm Weka Pass
8 Oct Kakahu Angus, 1.00pm bidr® Livestream Geraldine
9 Oct Meadowslea Angus, 1.00pm Fairlie
12 Oct Orari Gorge Hereford Geraldine
12 Oct Okawa Hereford Bull Mt Somers
13 Oct Richon, Beechwood & Woodburn Yearling Bull bidr® Livestream Balcairn
14 Oct Stern Angus, 1.00pmbidr® Livestream Totara Valley
14 Oct Torrisdale Murray Grey Bull bidr® Livestream Winton
15 Oct Sudeley Angus Yearling Bullbidr® Livestream Irwell
15 Oct Kane Farms Hereford and Angus Yearling Bull bidr® Livestream Tapanui
16 Oct Hall Genetics Belted Galloway & Angus Southland
16 Oct Timperley Angus Yearling Bull Oxford
19 Oct Silverfern Murray Grey Yearling Bulls Tuatapere
21 Oct Mrs CH Miller Hereford (am) Pyramid Downs
21 Oct Rockley Angus Yearling Bull (pm) Balfour

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