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1 February 2018 External Supplier

Aphid control in forage brassicas

Aphids can cause significant damage to your forage brassicas.

Populations of both the cabbage grey aphid and green peach aphid damage your crop by sucking plant sap. The resulting yellowing and wilting reduces growth rates. Aphids also transmit plant viruses in brassicas and their feeding points provide entry wounds for diseases which can severely damage plants or even kill large areas of the crop.

Ideally your first line of defense at this time of the season is a population of beneficial insects, providing natural protection against aphids, white butterfly and diamondback moth caterpillars. Species such as brown lacewing, ladybird beetles, hoverfly, parasitic wasps and predatory mites collectively play an important role in protecting your brassica crop from aphid flare ups and damage through until grazing. Monitor your crop closely for both pests and beneficial insects and if aphid populations do flare up and require treatment, use an aphicide with minimal impact on beneficial insects such as Transform™ from Dow AgroSciences.

Transform is a systemic insecticide that moves upwards and outwards via the xylem to protect new untreated growth, an important benefit during the main growth season. Transform also has translaminar activity forming a reservoir inside the leaf that resists wash-off and provides extended aphid control for up to 21 days. After application, aphids show symptoms from Transform and feeding ceases within minutes. Affected aphids fall off treated plants over the following day or so.

Transform has a strong environmental and toxicology profile, providing a high level of safety for both ground and aerial based applicators. Only minimal protective equipment is required, specifically overalls, water-resistant work boots, gloves and a washable hat. Use of a face shield or goggles is recommended when measuring and mixing. The use of a respirator is not a requirement.

Transform is compatible with most commonly used crop protection products used in forage brassicas and can be applied as a tank mix with Sparta™ insecticide for “best in class” control of diamondback moth, white butterfly, looper caterpillars and leafminer. Always read the updated version of the Transform product label for further guidelines on timing and use.

Consult your local PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative if summer pests are causing concerns in your forage brassicas.

Article supplied by DowDupont Agriculture Division

External Supplier

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