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7 July 2023
Wool Street Journal

Exploring New Frontiers: The Innovative Journey of a Hawke's Bay Couple with NZ Wool

Here at PGG Wrightson Wool, we take great pride in celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of our clients when it comes to utilising New Zealand wool. One such inspiring story is that of Hayden and Anastasia Tristram, who have discovered a remarkable new way to harness the incredible potential of this versatile fibre. As valued clients of PGW, their journey exemplifies the innovative spirit that drives us and highlights the endless possibilities that wool offers. Let's delve into their unique story and explore how they have unlocked yet another use for this wonderful natural resource.

Hayden and Anastasia Tristram, a couple who previously served in the NZ Army, ventured into sheep and beef farming in Wanstead, Central Hawke's Bay. After leaving the military, Hayden pursued farming while Anastasia became a teacher. Their passion for the outdoors and farming lifestyle drew them to this new path. Leasing a farm from Hayden's parents, they raised Romney ewes, Hereford Friesian breeding cows, and R1 Bulls on the steep hill country.


In 2021, the couple decided to transform their strong ewe wool into felt, aiming to explore alternative uses for wool. In 2022, they welcomed their first child and established their brand, Floating Peaks. Inspired by the view of "floating" peaks amidst the valleys from their home, they created a range of garden products such as Peak Pots, Peak Packs, Peak Mats, and a Peak Bed, all aimed at promoting wool usage.

The Tristram’s personally handle various tasks, including shearing the sheep, transporting the wool, and producing the products themselves. The benefits of wool for garden products include its biodegradability, renewability (through shearing), and sustainability. The couple uses their own products, which was one of their motivations for starting the venture.

Peak Mats, made from recycled wool sourced from the carpet industry, are easy to use and help suppress weeds around plants. The Tristram’s emphasise that wool provides optimal conditions for seedlings to thrive, and their products facilitate transplanting and establishment. Their business plan revolves around promoting wool, with the hope that wool prices increase, and it becomes a valuable commodity once again.


Floating Peaks can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and their website. The couple will showcase their products at the Hawke's Bay Home and Garden show in September 2023 and the Kinloch Fair in October 2023.

For more information and to read the full story from Hawke's Bay Today, click here.

Images sourced from Floating Peeks Website and Social Media Page.

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