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10 December 2021
Market Commentary

Listen: Rural Property going from strength to strength

The Country’s Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson’s General Manager for Rural Real Estate, Peter Newbold, to take a look rural property this month.

Newbold comments on the prominence of sheep and beef properties, and how it is interesting to see good solid heartland areas leading the way. He adds that it is great to see larger scale sales taking place.

Mackay queries why dairy isn’t as strong, and if it has anything to do with the heavier regulations around environmental impact. Newbold says that dairy sales have certainly picked up but there is a lot more work to be done before a transaction can be actioned.  

Horticulture properties continue to sell strongly. Newbold calls it ‘incredible’ and comments on the great price per canopy hectare.

 Lifestyle sections continue to be in demand as people from urban dwellings are looking at life outside of the big cities. 

Mackay mentions the great relationship between PGG and IHC, and the Temuka Calf Sale happening tomorrow.

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