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6 December 2023
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Academy Award Winners 2023

The PGW Academy, established in 2006, focuses on developing talent within the company. Since its inception, more than 310 employees have completed the programme and have proceeded to enrich PGW, our clients’ businesses, and the wider agricultural and horticultural industries. 

As part of the programme, the participants must work with a client to identify an issue on-farm or orchard and develop a solution to that problem – this is then presented back to the business and assessed by a judging panel.

This year’s dissertation presentations set a new bar for the Academy. The top five presentations all scored within 1 point of each other, and the entire group was separated by only 6 points. A great result for the whole team with Katelyn Dyer taking out the top presentation followed very closely by Kirsty Lowther. 

The graduation event was a time to celebrate the hard work and effort that has gone into the last year. Hine Mullany, our 2022 Academy Dux spoke about her journey and the impact the Academy has had on her development and career. This year's Dux award was presented to Conor Robertson – Trainee TFR/THR from Ohakune. Conor has impressed everyone this year with his academic results, his commitment to his team and store and his leadership in the industry.

A special thanks must go to Datamars and Primary ITO whose support helps make this final Academy event happen. Well done to the Academy winners and all the participants. 

The Academy Awards for 2023: 

  • Primary ITO Award for Presentation Excellence – Runner Up – Kirsty Lowther (R&D Advisor)
  • Primary ITO Award for Presentation Excellence – Katelyn Dyer (Trainee THR)
  • Academy Spirit Award – Tom Dobson (Livestock Rep)
  • Academy Growth Award – Meredith Wills (CSR)
  • Academy Futures Award – Katelyn Dyer (Trainee THR)
  • CEO Technology and Sustainability Award – Runner Up – Sarah Wilson (Trainee TFR), Meredith Wills (CSR) and Conor Robertson (Trainee TFR/THR)
  • CEO Technology and Sustainability Award – Alex Stewart (Livestock Rep) and Troy Vujcich (Livestock Rep)  
  • Academy Dux Proxime Accessit – Sarah Wilson (Trainee TFR)
  • Academy Dux – Conor Robertson (Trainee TFR/THR)
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