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2 October 2023
Wool Street Journal

Wool in Schools Travelling Classroom: Term 3 and Term 4 Update

The Wool in Schools programme, a The Campaign for Wool initiative, sponsored by PGG Wrightson, continues to make waves in New Zealand's education sector. This unique program brings the wonders of wool directly to primary and intermediate schools through mobile classrooms known as "Wool Sheds." As we wrap up an eventful Term 3, let's take a closer look at the remarkable journey the containers embarked on and the impact they had on young minds.

During Term 3, the South Island Container embarked on a tour visiting various schools across Canterbury. Communities in Culverden, Waikari, Ladbrooks, Ohoka, West Rolleston, Leeston, Darfield, and Ashburton got to experience the “Wool Sheds”. The container travelled 275 kilometres, reaching a total of 3,631 students. 

Simultaneously, the North Island Container embarked on its own adventure, covering a staggering 758 kilometres. The journey took the container from Auckland to Pongaroa, Gladstone, Carterton, Pirinoa, and finally Martinborough. Along this route, a total of 1,878 students were engaged in the wonders of wool. The success of this leg of the journey highlights the program's ability to captivate students from diverse regions, creating a widespread impact.

In total, during Term 3, the Wool in Schools initiative reached an impressive 5,509 students. This achievement is a testament to the power of hands-on education and the enthusiasm of both students and educators alike. The initiative's ability to bring learning to life through the Wool Sheds is setting a new standard for interactive education.

As we transition into Term 4, the Wool in Schools initiative shows no signs of slowing down. The South Island Container is set to embark on a new journey, visiting Dunedin, Milton, Outram, Lawrence, and Ranfurly. Simultaneously, the North Island Container will be making stops in Morrinsville, Matamata, Hamilton, Te Awamutu, and Ngakuru. These upcoming visits promise to continue the tradition of enriching young minds with the wonders of wool.

At the heart of this programme lies PGG Wrightson's unwavering commitment to education and the wool industry. The company is proud to sponsor the Wool in Schools initiative, firmly believing in the transformative power of educating the younger generation about the wonders of wool. This sponsorship reflects PGG Wrightson's dedication to natural and sustainable practices and its belief in the vital role that wool plays in our communities and environment.

The Campaign for Wool and PGG Wrightson invite you to book the travelling classroom for your school or community in 2024 by filling out the online form. Wool in Schools looks forward to meeting you and sharing the wonders of wool with you!

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