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Alongside the traditional store network, PGG Wrightson also offers an alternative product ordering solution – Onto Farm. With Onto Farm you can get all the supplies you need delivered directly to your farm.

Along with being able to order on-the-spot market or contract goods for Palm Kernel and Molasses, you can also order your fuel and fertiliser requirements by completing an online order form

Onto FarmHow to place an order:

  1. Call 0800 ONTO FARM (0800 66 86 32) or complete an online order form
  2. Verify your details and account number
  3. Provide the exact on-farm delivery location
  4. Order your supplies!

An Onto Farm representative will then contact you to confirm your order details.

Operational hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

The 0800 number is easy to use, calls are free from anywhere in New Zealand (including mobiles), and delivery is within three working days. What’s more, when you use Onto Farm you’ll deal with trained customer service consultants who understand farming.

You can even place your order after hours*, which means that no matter whether you’re out and about at dawn or burning the midnight oil, it’s business as usual. Your order will be charged to your account number and appear on your monthly PGG Wrightson account. 

*Outside operational hours orders may be placed using our automated message service. To avoid unnecessary delays please take care to provide exact details. Delivery within three working days. Delivery costs may apply. All orders are traced. In the unlikely event that you experience any delays we can track and locate your order.

Asterisk (*) denotes required field

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