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Secure your bull team now with no upfront cost!

Apply for a Defer-A-Bull purchase agreement today – a simple, cost effective solution when sourcing your dairy service bulls. Secure your bull team early with no repayments until bulls are sold.

Let us know your details and a PGG Wrightson livestock representative will be in touch to discuss Defer-A-Bull. We'd love to talk to you about it!



Defer-A-Bull Terms and Conditions


Defer-a-Bull Testimonial - Kevin Louw

As a sharemilker, running a team of bulls each year can be challenging. I’ve tried going AB exclusively, and the empty rate was much higher than I wanted, which leads to lost productivity.

To use a full complement of bulls, with separate teams alternating night and day, ensuring they have enough rest and can do their job properly without going lame or becoming exhausted, is expensive. As a sharemilker that throws up a cashflow problem that is impossible to budget for. I need 20 bulls to maximise my in-calf cows, which requires a cash outlay around $50,000, and there is no way I could do that.

We looked at Defer-A-Bull as an option. With PGG Wrightson behind it, you know they will source stock from reputable buyers, which mitigates the risk of buying inadequate bulls.

After they’ve finished, the bulls come out for two to three weeks, we freshen them up, then send them off to the works. PGG Wrightson takes their money, and you get an account for the balance. It’s never a major shock, and you end up with a far lower empty rate, which of course helps profitability.

Defer-A-Bull allows me to follow best practice managing my bull teams. I want to do that properly: for cashflow reasons I wouldn’t be able to do it any other way.

Kevin Louw, Paratai, South Otago.


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