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6 October 2021

North island farmers wait for end of cold wet spring

Slow spring growth holding back optimism, while other conditions provide encouragement

Overall, spring weather across the lower North Island has been cold and wet, resulting in slower feed growth rates and pasture covers than farmers hope for. While dairy farmers had reasonable calving, many have turned to supplements to keep condition on their cows. 

Generally the store cattle market has been subdued due to some challenging weather and lower than ideal feed levels holding back enthusiasm.

Old season lambs are coming out well when taken through to finishing, exhibiting good carcass weights and pleasing margins.

Off the back of the solid milk forecast payout, the first of the season’s dairy in-milk sales are coming to the market, where they have been met by good demand and solid pricing.

Conditions therefore are reasonably positive, though would be a whole lot better with some sustained warmer weather to improve the feed situation.

Matt Langtry, PGG Wrightson North Island Livestock Manager

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