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Livestock Market Update: Wellsford Romney Flock dispersal
20 January 2021

Livestock Market Update: Wellsford Romney flock dispersal attracting national interest

Buyers from New Zealand wide set to attend dispersal of 99 year old Romney stud

Buyers from around the country are set to attend the dispersal of one of New Zealand’s highest profile Romney studs next month.

Kikitangeo Romney just out of Wellsford was started in 1922 by the father and uncle of current stud principal Gordon Levet. Now 88, Gordon is retiring and the stud no longer fits with his daughters’ and son-in-laws’ plans for the family farm.

In what will be one of the most anticipated sheep dispersals for at least a decade, around 700 stock will be sold, separated by sire and age groups into lots ranging from half a dozen to around 25 sheep.

Gordon has managed Kikitangeo since 1951, during which time he has been a frontrunner in breeding for resistance to worms, making the sale a must attend event for anyone interested in Romney genetics.

Click this link to visit Kikitangeo Romney's website: http://www.kikitangeo.co.nz

For more information about the sale, see our Facebook post here: https://fb.watch/2ZY0ToATB0/

Kikitangeo Romney’s dispersal sale will be held at the Wellsford saleyards from 11am on Wednesday 24 February.

Cam Heggie, PGG Wrightson Northland Livestock Genetics Representative


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Livestock Market Update: Ram Sales show emerging genetics trends

20 January 2021

This season’s sales indicate how farmers are future proofing flocks 

North Island ram sales have finished, while South Island sales are due to end next month.

Prices and clearances have been approximately on par with last year’s sales.

Several emerging trends in sheep genetics attracted particular interest.

Farmers are increasingly prioritising resistance to facial eczema, as performance of FE resistant rams in the saleyard has grown stronger year on year. Adapting to global warming and boosting environmental strategies, as well as tending to animal health, is motivating farmers to protect against FE, particularly in the North Island.

As more farmers rationalise meat production over wool, self-shedding breeds are also becoming more popular. Prices for self-shedding rams in this year’s sales were up between 15 and 20 per cent on last year.

Others are focusing on rams that will produce early maturing lambs, seeking to make the most of the returns available early in the season.

In general, clients offering rams for sale have been happy with the outcomes this season, and with a growing proportion of ram sales operating as hybrid live-streaming auctions, integrating onsite sales with the online platform bidr, sales are increasingly reaching a nationwide gallery of buyers.

Callum Stewart, PGG Wrightson Livestock National Genetics Manager

Livestock Market Update: Keen interest in South Island on-farm lamb sales

20 January 2021

Good feed conditions driving steady demand for store lambs

With plenty of rain over Christmas, especially in South Canterbury, North and East Otago where it was sorely needed, farmers throughout the South Island are benefiting from good feed conditions.

Based on that confidence, demand at the South Island on-farm lamb sales is strong, and expected to remain steady until at least mid-February. 

Farmers in all districts are looking for store lambs, with interest in Otago and Southland particularly evident.

Since the pre-Christmas backlog of ewes and lambs waiting to go to the works cleared up, the market indicators for lamb seem consistent, and anyone offering store lambs for South Island sale can anticipate good prices for the next several weeks. 

Positive feed conditions have also resulted in satisfactory results to date at cattle sales.

Shane Gerken, PGG Wrightson South Island Livestock Manager


Livestock Market Update: Go-Stock offers a simple solution to ease cashflow

20 January 2021

Go-Stock from PGG Wrightson provides sheep and beef farmers a straight forward way to grow stock with no initial cash outlay.

Several farmers using Go-Stock recently explained how Go-Stock has given them a simple solution to ease cashflow when farming cattle or sheep.

Click here to view testimonials. 

Farmers talk about how Go-Stock takes the pressure off decision making, frees cash flow to enable farm development, and adds value to their business.

Go-Stock is available for trading and finishing sheep and beef. 

PGG Wrightson buys the stock and retains ownership, meaning no initial cash outlay for the farmers. However, the farmer decides when and where to sell the stock, then receives the resulting trading margin, less fees and selling costs.

Go-Stock is simple to set up and easy to use.

For further information contact your local livestock rep or email: GoStock@pggwrightson.co.nz 

Jamie Molloy, PGG Wrightson National Livestock Supply Chain Manager

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