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4 July 2022
Company News

Rowena Duncum from The Country got the word on wool from Grant Edwards, GM of Wool for PGG Wrightson.

Hot topic is the new Free Trade Agreement with the EU.  Big question is: what's in it for New Zealand wool growers?

Not a lot according to Grant.  Between 25 and 30 percent of New Zealand's wool exports go to the EU - mostly Italy, Germany and Lithuania - with no tariffs currently in place on greasy or scoured wool.  Grant is waiting to see more detail as the agreement has only just come out - and wool hasn't even been mentioned!

Rowena turned to the last wool sale of the season which has just taken place.  How did it go?

Grant reckons it didn't finish on as high a note as they had hoped.  There was a degree of past wools being re-offered and some of the quality was down, with yellowing wools and wools with vegetable matter.  But pre-lamb wools attracted good demand.  PGG Wrightson are about to get into the fine wool season and the merino space is certainly looking very positive.

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