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3 May 2024
Crop Protection

PGG Wrightson joins A Lighter Touch crop protection change

PGG Wrightson (PGW) is partnering with A Lighter Touch to support growers in moving to more sustainable crop protection programmes.

A Lighter Touch is a $27 million industry and government partnership which is co-funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries, 15 product group partners and three crop protection companies. It is focused on finding tools to help food producers in the horticulture, arable and viticulture sectors move from agrichemical reliance to agroecological approach – sustainable farming that works with nature.

PGW’s General Manager Retail & Water Nick Berry says the collaboration with A Lighter Touch aligns with PGW’s commitment to protecting New Zealand’s natural environment for future generations, and helping growers move towards a more sustainable approach to growing and farming.

“By joining A Lighter Touch, PGW is taking a leadership role in supporting growers and farmers move to a greater use of biological products and more sustainable crop protection programmes, based on science and an evidence-based approach. 

“In being part of setting the future crop protection strategy for the horticulture, arable and viticulture sectors, we are ensuring we will be well-placed to lead and respond to changes in crop protection practices.”

A Lighter Touch programme director Livia Esterhazy says extending knowledge of new crop protection solutions to growers is a key priority for the programme.

Livia says “We are delighted to welcome PGW as our first merchant partner of A Lighter Touch. With a team of 200 horticulture, field and technical advisors, PGW’s extensive reach across all New Zealand farming sectors will be invaluable in ensuring the tools and knowledge coming out of the programme are put into practice on farms and orchards.

“PGW will also provide advice and input into A Lighter Touch projects, including trials of biological products and developing agroecological “whole of farm” approaches to management of pests and diseases.

“The focus of A Lighter Touch is to provide growers with more tools in their crop protection toolbox, through providing new solutions and extending the life of existing products. We welcome PGW’s contribution, agronomically and in terms of practical application on farm, in helping our growers make that move to crop protection with a lighter environmental touch.”

If you want to learn more about this initiative, head to the A Lighter Touch website here

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