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22 November 2021
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Elite Winton herd offered as New Zealand's first online dairy herd sale

Online livestock sales, which have gained plenty of traction under Covid, look set to go to a new level next month, with an elite Southland Friesian herd set to become the biggest single livestock offering sold so far online. PGG Wrightson Southern South Island Dairy Livestock Manager Mark Cuttance is overseeing New Zealand's first online dairy herd sale. Winton farmers Simon and Liz Harnett's cow herd, which Mark Cuttance says ranks in Southland's top two per cent, is offered for sale by bidr on December 9th.  "This is the first time PGG Wrightson has sold a dairy herd online. "Usually, when you sell a herd, prospective buyers are the people you already know. Marketing their herd by online livestock platform bidr gives the Harnett's access to dairy farmers throughout the country, dramatically extending the range of potential purchasers.  "This is an excellent herd, particularly well suited to this groundbreaking selling format," says Mark.  PGG Wrightson Southland Dairy Representative Roddy Bridson has worked with Simon and Liz Harnett for several years.  "You'd go a long way to find better operators than the Harnett's, which is evident in their herd. These cows are great looking animals, with good capacity, grown to their potential, ranking high on productivity with low inputs.  "Genetics is a key part of Liz and Simon's farming philosophy. Dairying has been their life and passion, which this herd demonstrates perfectly," says Roddy. Jamie Cunninghame, PGG Wrightson National Dairy Livestock Manager, says Covid and uncertainty around lockdown levels have resulted in more online sales.  "More people are doing more business online generally, and farmers are also finding the benefits of bidr, New Zealand's virtual sale yard, more quickly than they otherwise would if Covid hadn't occurred. Under Covid, if the lockdown alert levels change, an online sale can still proceed with minimal disruption. Online sales will not replace on farm or sale yard auctions, though they are a new option that has great advantages for some sales, particularly those with potential to attract buyers nationwide," says Jamie. Scheduled for auction on Thursday, December 9th at 1 pm, with approximately 360 two to eight-year-old cows offered from a total of 440 in milk.  For more information or to register for the Simon and Liz Harnett auction, see:


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