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9 January 2024
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Supporting IHC Calf & Rural Scheme for Over Four Decades

In a testament to the power of long-standing partnerships, PGG Wrightson proudly continues its unwavering support for the IHC Calf & Rural Scheme, a collaboration that has spanned over four decades. Recently renewing their sponsorship commitment until 2026.

Since its inception in 1982, the IHC Calf and Rural Scheme has evolved into one of New Zealand's most successful charitable programs. PGG Wrightson, a key contributor from the program's early days, has played a crucial role in its growth and success. This renewal in 2023 extends the legacy relationship between PGG Wrightson and the IHC to an impressive 44 years.

Peter Newbold, General Manager of PGG Wrightson Livestock, highlights the essence of the program, stating, "From its origins, the scheme has always been about rural people doing their practical best to support a community need." The heart of the initiative lies in the farmers who pledge their livestock, with the proceeds from the sale benefiting the IHC. More recently, many farmers now choose to contribute virtual livestock.

The financial contributions generated through this partnership are used towards various avenues of support:

  1. Families and Children: Direct assistance is provided to families and children living with intellectual disabilities, offering them essential resources and services tailored to their unique needs.
  2. Volunteer Support: The program sustains an extensive network of 1,000 volunteers nationwide, individuals who play a pivotal role in advocating for and assisting those with intellectual disabilities and their families.
  3. Local Volunteer Associations: Funding helps sustain local volunteer associations, empowering them to provide advocacy, support, and connection in communities throughout New Zealand.
  4. Information Hub: IHC maintains New Zealand's most comprehensive library on intellectual disability-related information, fostering education and empowerment for families and professionals alike.
  5. Advocacy and Self-Advocacy: Contributions enable advocacy efforts that amplify the voices and rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities, fostering self-advocacy within this community.

For those interested in contributing to this meaningful cause, information on how to donate an animal can be found here.

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