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7 July 2022
Breeding and Genetics
Market Commentary

Orari Gorge Station Hereford Bull Sale

Recently we were on-farm at Orari Gorge Station in the beautiful province of Geraldine to film the 58th annual Orari Gorge Herefords sale.

Orari Gorge Station is a 4000-hectare farm in the South Canterbury foothills. Managed by fifth-generation owner Robert Peacock, in June Orari Gorge Station ran its annual on-farm Hereford bull sale.

Joe Higgins, Rod Sands, John Mckone and Simon Eddington of PGG Wrightson Livestock assisted on the station’s big day, with plenty of interest from local buyers along with the help of bidr attracting interested buyers from all over the country.

A great sale day with some fantastic bulls and some good buying, a great outcome for PGG Wrightson Livestock, and more importantly for our clients.

A big thank you to the Peacock's for having us at Orari Gorge Station, always a great sale to be a part of!

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