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6 May 2022

​ Listen Now! PGG Wrightson Livestock Report on The Country

Jamie Mackay from The Country had a quick catch-up with Barry Fox, PGW Livestock Manager - Dairy, live from the Oamaru sale yards.

The main topic covered - apart from golf - was the livestock selling season.

Barry emphasised that it's a busy time of year for traditional beef calf sales, pointing out that he had 1100 calves in the yard right then.

Jamie asked about the season in North Otago, noting that the South Island's east coast has had a pretty good grass growing season.

As a result, are farmers pushing up demand for beef calves?

Barry reckons the good season is driving demand, especially with the ample amount of feed available.

Jamie turned to the issue of beef and sheep farmers getting stock in for processing. When will space open up for farmers?

Barry reckons there's been a slight easing recently. The abundance of feed available means there probably won't be a logjam at the meat companies, and the flow-through will free up over the next three months.

As a parting aside, Jamie wants to know what he'd get for a really good lamb through the works at the moment.

Barry guesses about 160 to 180 for a good heavy lamb. And forward contracts coming out now look very positive for farmers.

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