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13 May 2022
Market Commentary

​ Listen Now! Dairy herd sales going well ​

Jamie Mackay from The Country had a quick chat with Andrew Gibson, Taranaki livestock manager for PGG Wrightson. 🎙️

All the talk has been about the dry in the Waikato. Jamie wonders whether Taranaki has fared any better.

Andrew confirmed it has been dry. A couple of big dumpings of rain caused some flooding but recent rainfall has raised hopes of a decent winter if it stays warm - but the chill is setting in.

With Moving Day coming up, Jamie asked Andrew about the increased numbers of dairy herds being traded at the moment. In particular, he noted a record price paid for a Jersey heifer recently - something like 50 or 55 grand. Andrew confirmed the price paid was $55,000 - and stressed online auctions are creating a lot of interest. The Bidr online system is going great guns with the prospect of a massive forward season.

Jamie's big question: What do I have to pay to get a decent dairy cow these days? Andrew reckons that early on, between 17 and 22 hundred was a fair price. Now the online average is between three and a half and four and a half thousand. This is good news for the breeders who are getting good money and return on investment.

The other big issue covered is getting culled cows into the works. Andrew agrees it has been slow, with weather patterns and pay-out all having an effect.

Many staff at the works have been obliged to stay home due to sickness. But works are starting up again and are chipping away. Some clients are shopping 'round, trying to get culled cows in wherever they can.

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