Meet the Deer Team

Get advice from the deer specialists

Since the inception of putting Deer behind wire, a dedicated team of Deer Specialists has operated throughout New Zealand, servicing all aspects of the Deer industry.

From Pasture to Processor, Venison, Velvet and Trophies, Breeders and Finishers, Stud and commercial Deer farmers, Genetics, buying and selling.

The expertise within the PGG Wrightson Deer Specialist team could prove invaluable in the management of your Deer property.

Tony Cochrane

National Deer & Velvet Manager

Ben Beadle

Deer Specialist - Te Anau

Graham Kinsman

New Zealand Deer Genetics Manager

John Williams

Deer Specialist - Dunedin

Murray Coutts

Deer Specialist - Timaru
Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury

Ron Schroeder

Deer Specialist
Tasman, Canterbury, West Coast

Steve Annan

Deer & Velvet Coordinator