Mycoplasma Bovis

Mycoplasma bovis information, resources and links.

In response to the outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis, and to support the nationwide programme of phased eradication, PGG Wrightson has implemented steps to assist our farming customers in the eradication of this disease. However, eradication of the disease is very much a team effort and we encourage all our customers to be mindful of the part that they can also play.

Below is a range of useful information and resources to assist our customers with Mycoplasma bovis.


The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is a key source of information about this disease, and PGW follows their updates closely.

We encourage you to visit the MPI website which has a wide range of information about the disease. You can also register for their regular updates there. 

Farm Practices

  • PGW will contact customers prior to any on-farm visit and will keep a record of farms visited, and the date of the visit.
  • All PGW staff visiting farms have equipment to clean and disinfect themselves. They may ask to use your wash station.
  • Where practical, we will ask to use your vehicles on your farm.
  • Any PGW vehicle that visits a farm that is under some form of movement control will be cleaned and disinfected on arrival and also on departure as per MPI direction.
  • PGW will ensure any machinery and equipment, especially equipment used for handling animals or giving treatments, is cleaned and disinfected between farms.
  • PGW will establish and maintain disinfection stations at all PGW controlled events involving cattle.

Saleyard Practices

  • PGW need all customers to meet their existing obligation to provide a completed Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form, either before cattle arrive at a saleyard, or before the sale.
  • PGW cannot offer animals for sale if we have not received an ASD form.
  • PGW will not accept animals for sale if a customer has answered “YES” in clause 2.3 of the ASD form.
  • PGW will continue to meet its NAIT reporting obligations.
  • We will establish and maintain disinfection stations at saleyards operated by PGW solely, and clean those saleyards between use. Where we operate saleyards with others, we will work in conjunction with the relevant sale yard owners to establish and maintain disinfection stations and clean saleyards between sales.
  • We ask that all customers visiting saleyards wear clean clothing, and footwear that is not worn on their own farm.

Farm Service Providers

What you can do to help reduce the risk of spreading the disease: 

  • Don't arrive unannounced. Let the farmer know you plan to visit their farm and ask what their requirements are.
  • Be proactive – assure farmers of your hygiene practices.
  • Farmers should be using routine on-farm biosecurity practices to minimise risk to their animals. Comply with the farm's cleaning and disinfection requirements to help minimise risk.
  • Clean and disinfect footwear, protective clothing, and equipment before coming on the farm and again before leaving the farm.

MPI - Key Contacts

MPI Latest information on Mycoplasma bovis and the Response – visit website

MPI General questions on Mycoplasma bovis – email or phone 0800 008 333

MPI Compensation information – email or phone 04 894 0055

MPI Direct farmer support (Rural Support Trust) – phone 0800 787 254

MPI - To report a pest or disease (Exotic Pest and Disease Hotline) phone 0800 809 966

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