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10 March 2022
Wool Street Journal

Wool Street Journal: Wool Rep Jared Manihera discusses his personal motivation for organising Shear4Blair 24hr Shear-a-thon

Woolshed workers in central Otago, including four main shearers, Eru, Brayden, Cole, and David, and many other volunteers, led by Jared, set out to shear 9,500 sheep in 24hrs to raise money for the Southland Charity Hospital. 

Not only did they exceed their shear target, but these extraordinary efforts also raised over $200,000 for the charity. 

Jared speaks about why this event is so dear to him and his observations during this marathon event. 

"everybody in the woolshed that day has probably had cancer affect their life in some way, and by doing this shear-a-thon, I found it was also part of a grieving process for some people." 


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