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28 February 2022
Wool Street Journal
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Wool Street Journal: Wool Market Update

Interview with Grant Edwards

Jamie Mackay from The Country spoke with Grant Edwards GM of Wool for PGG Wrightson and started with a topic on everybody’s mind right now: Russia.  Now that New Zealand has joined with other western countries in imposing sanctions on Russia, will it make it difficult for New Zealand sheep farmers who normally sell their wool to Russia? 

Grant has a one-word answer: No.  Last year there were a hundred and fifty bales to Russia.   

There’s general agreement that losing that amount of wool export is not going to destroy the industry. 

Jamie turns to some positives around the wool industry. 

He raises the work being done by Kate McDonald from Te Anau who decided to add value to her family’s wool clip by knitting homespun woollen jerseys.   

Jamie recalled jerseys his mum knitted for him being itchy.  How does Kate get ‘round this? 

Grant says Kate worked closely with the wool industry and the Dunedin-based manufacturer. 

A great story about a passionate young woman working with her family to develop homespun jerseys.   

Jamie finished up by talking about how most shearing competitions have been cancelled this year.

But they’re determined to finish with the PGG Wrightson VetMed Shearing Circuit in its 50th year. 

Wonderful they’re forging ahead with it.  Grant agrees it’s been challenging but the passion within the industry makes it happen.  Everyone’s looking forward to the finals on March 5th on the Paterson family property at Armadale.

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