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15 March 2022
Over the Farm Gate
Market Commentary

Over The Farm Gate: South Island store lamb and ewe offerings well received

Plenty of feed and favourable outlook keeping livestock market positive

Excellent feed conditions and strong demand for livestock characterises the early autumn in most South Island farm districts.

Ewe fairs, store lambs and on-farm clearing sales have dominated the calendar recently.

Through all regions, demand is reasonably strong as farmers take the opportunity to buy well-bred ewes. At each clearing sale, typically a lifetime of breeding, selection and refinement will be offered as farmers quit their properties and capitalise on their flocks, providing purchasers with an opportunity to buy good sheep genetics to introduce to their own farms.

South Island stock values overall are reasonably steady.

Calf sales are coming up from mid-March, with the bulk of these scheduled for April. A highly positive outlook for beef, along with generally abundant feed through most of the South Island, bodes well for these.

Shane Gerken, PGG Wrightson South Island Livestock Manager

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