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16 March 2022
Over the Farm Gate

Over The Farm Gate: Huge shearing effort nets over $200,000 for charity hospital

PGG Wrightson Wool representative leads successful fund-raiser

Otago based PGG Wrightson Wool representative Jared Manihera brought off an enormous mission last month, organising a 24-hour shearathon that raised over $200,000, for the Southland Charity Hospital.

Four shearers, Eru Weeds, Cole Wells, Brayden Clifford and David Gower, were the core shearers at the Shear 4 Blair event, held at the woolshed of Nelson and Fiona Hancox at Wohelo Station, Moa Flat in West Otago. Inspired by Southland farmer Blair Vining’s highly-publicised 2019 battle with terminal bowel cancer, which initiated the campaign for a charity hospital, they put in a series of runs equivalent of three full days of shearing back to back, on the handpiece for 24 hours only stopping for routine length breaks through a 32 hour period.

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