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10 June 2024
Over the Farm Gate
Market Commentary

Store lambs coming off South Island farms

A dry autumn putting feed under pressure in many South Island districts prompted steady de-stocking, with stock generally finding buyers elsewhere.

Widespread dry conditions dominate the winter plans of South Island farmers.

Store lambs came off farms at a steady rate during May, generally finding buyers, though supply and demand were relevant, particularly as buyers were insufficient to fully account for the most significant yarding of the month at Temuka in mid-May. 

Carefully monitoring feed budgets, which in current conditions could come under pressure as the winter proceeds, farmers are looking for heavier lambs, 28 to 30 kilograms and better, while those of lighter weight are less favoured. Greater Canterbury, with cropping farmers to the fore, is taking most of these store lambs, although some are bound for Southland and a small quantity to Marlborough.

Similarly, cow cull tallies are high, though in most districts those farmers de-stocking appear to have now offloaded the quantities necessary.

While forecasts predicting a milder than normal winter should help promote a more positive outlook and ought to assist farmers with feed, in the meantime a typically low key winter is likely, with a relatively reduced level of activity in prospect on the South Island livestock market in the coming weeks.

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