BrokerWeb Risk Services

BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd (BWRS) is a new insurance relationship that was established with PGG Wrightson in February 2021.  

They are New Zealand’s largest independent insurance broker supported by their parent company, ASX listed AUB Group, Australasia’s largest equity-based insurance broker network.  With offices across the country, BrokerWeb Risk Services has the ability to provide face to face service the length and breadth of New Zealand.  They have over 150 staff servicing more than 25,000 clients across their nationwide branches, as well as their associate business network. 

BrokerWeb Risk Services pride themselves on providing personalised service built on their extensive knowledge of the insurance and rural sector.  They also provide a variety of insurance solutions beyond the PGG Wrightson products, such as life, medical, employee benefits, and liability insurance. 

Commitment to Clients

BWRS do more than just insurance. They're here to support you with advice you can rely on. Their team work hard to earn your trust and in doing so, understand that they are integral to the protection and management of your personal, household, farm and business assets, and value. BWRS understand the impact a loss can have, and their focus is to work closely with you to understand your activities and design a solution that works for you.

BWRS' Client Commitments outline how BWRS will work with you, and what they stand for. These commitments are backed by service standards and internal processes that make these come to life.

  • We will listen carefully to you and together we will discover and discuss your needs
  • We will only recommend products or services that meet your needs
  • We will explain to you why we recommend any product or service before you purchase
  • Our communication will be clear and concise, and it will outline our discussions and agreements
  • We will always provide a disclosure statement about your advisor and BWRS
  • We will protect the information you give us, and only use it for the reasons we collected it.

Information supplied by BrokerWeb Risk Services

PGG Wrightson Ltd (PGW) may be entitled to a commission for its referral service provided to BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd (BWRS). PGW does not provide insurance, insurance advice or financial advice. PGW may, with customer consent, manage payment of your insurance premiums to BWRS or customers’ insurance provider. “PGW customer” means anyone who has been referred to BWRS by PGW and BWRS joint advertising. The insurance solution referred to is also offered to PGW staff. Subject to insurer criteria.