COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Protection Framework

At PGG Wrightson the wellbeing of our customers, staff and suppliers is paramount. We are committed to doing what we can to support our customers and communities and do our part to help minimise the spread and impact of the virus. 

We are working under the government’s COVID-19 Protection Framework, also known as the traffic light system. Under the traffic light system, all our stores, offices, and auction centres are open during both red and orange settings.

The guides below provide detail on how we can support customers and businesses at red and orange settings. 

New Zealand is currently in the orange setting. For more information please refer to the government's COVID-19 website.

Your local PGG Wrightson representative is available to help or call our Customer Services team on 0800 10 22 76. 

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Orange Setting Guide

The orange quick reference guide provides an overview of all business unit operations under the orange traffic light setting. Further detail of how individual business units are operating under the orange setting are available as a PDF download below.

Download the orange guide

Red Setting Guide

The red quick reference guide provides an overview of all business unit operations under the red traffic light setting. Further detail of how individual business units are operating under the red setting are available as a PDF download below.

Download the red guide

COVID-19 On-Farm Checklist for Farmers

The Preparing for COVID-19 On-Farm Checklist for Farmers has been created with the support of key industry groups to help farm and lifestyle block operators across New Zealand prepare for a case of COVID-19 on-farm.

Download checklist

Maintaining wellbeing during COVID-19

As we navigate life during a pandemic, it can be easy to put most of our attention into the tasks that need to be done, at the expense of taking time to look after ourselves. Prioritising your own well being can include everyday actions such as getting enough rest, staying hydrated and getting regular exercise. 

As we face the uncertainly of how long the pandemic will last and what the impact it will have on our communities, practising everyday actions that prioritise your well-being can help build your capacity to cope with this uncertainty. 

Preventing the spread of COVID-19

  • Fast and effective contact tracing helps us to prevent any further spread of COVID-19.  Scan the QR codes on display with the NZ COVID Tracer app when visiting any of our sites or stores.
  • Face coverings are particularly useful when physical distancing is not possible, and helps stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes. 
  • Practicing good hygiene. This includes hand washing often with soap for 20 seconds and using hand sanitiser available in our sites and stores.
  • Practice physical distancing at our sites and stores by keeping a safe distance from people you do not know.  
  • Staying at home if you’re sick is the best thing you can do to stop any future spread of COVID-19.
  • If you’re feeling unwell, it’s critical you stay at home and recover.

Steps our staff are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We have reassessed how we interact internally and with our customers, and have asked our staff to be extra mindful of good hygiene and adopt recommended protocols. We are encouraging the use of our technology platforms where practical to limit staff travel and gatherings.

Contactless purchases

  • We offer alternative ways to purchase products through our online store.
  • Virtual livestock trading is avaliable on bidr®.

Supply chain

While there has been disruption in international supply chains across a number of industries, we are working hard with our suppliers to try and minimise supply issues for you. We would encourage you to plan ahead and get in touch promptly if you require support or advice, so we can prepare for any international supply chain issues that might arise.

Keeping you informed

We have business continuity plans to deal with potential disruptions and events that may arise. We will provide regular updates on our website and Facebook page as matters develop.

We are committed to supporting our customers through this challenging period and beyond. We will continue to take practical and considered measures in the way we manage our stores and other work locations, and in our interactions with you.

Keep in touch

The pandemic is a major global event and we wish to reassure our customers and stakeholders that we will do what we can to prepare and respond to challenges that emerge. We urge customers to keep in touch and reach out to your Rep or our teams if you require support or advice.

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