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IHC Calf & Rural Scheme

The IHC Calf & Rural Scheme proudly supported by PGG Wrightson has been raising money to support people with intellectual disabilities for 35 years. In this time, farmers from across New Zealand have helped raise over $38 million.

IHC's Calf and Rural Scheme

You make amazing things happen with your support of IHC's Calf and Rural Scheme. Now more than ever, your support is playing a critical part in keeping some of your community's most vulnerable people safe in the face of Covid-19. Read more in the Autumn newsletter below.

To find out how you can support both programmes by donating either a calf or a lamb to the IHC, simply follow the steps below.

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One animal can change a life!

Through the generous support of many farmers, the IHC Calf & Rural Scheme has had such a positive impact on the lives and futures of rural people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Farmers donate calves, sheep, lambs, virtual calves and virtual lambs to help some of the most vulnerable people in their rural community.

With your help, IHC can make New Zealand a better place for people with an intellectual disability.

Phone North Island: 0800 442 500 | Phone South Island: 0800 442 886 | Website: www.ihc.org.nz/pledge | Email: calf@ihc.org.nz

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Where does your money go?

  • Supporting families and children with intellectual disabilities.
  • Supporting 1,000 volunteers across New Zealand.
  • Funding local Volunteer Associations to provide Advocacy and support to families in need across New Zealand.
  • Maintaining New Zealand’s most comprehensive library on information relating to intellectual disability.
  • Running a community awareness programme, Take a moment with us.
  • Providing Advocacy and Self Advocacy for all people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand.
  • Enhancing the living environments of IHC’s 850 homes and other facilities throughout the country.

IHC on The Country

The Country's Jamie MacKay catches up with PGG Wrightson's CEO Stephen Guerin to chat about the IHC Calf & Rural scheme. The IHC Calf & Rural Scheme is proudly supported by PGG Wrightson Livestock and has raised almost $40m to support people with intellectual disabilities in rural communities for almost 40 years.

IHC on The Country

IHC’s National Fundraising Manager Greg Millar caught up with Jamie Mackay on The Country to discuss the latest IHC news.