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1 April 2019

Wool Market Report - March

The Country's Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson's South Island wool procurement manager Rob Cochrane to discuss the New Zealand wool market this week.

Mackay acknowledges that the wool market has gone nowhere since November, Cochrane agrees stating that the market has maintained a sideways motion.

Unfortunately the volume of wool hitting stores has put pressure on the marketplace.

The poor-coloured wools and coarser wools are continuing to struggle with finding their place in the market.

Despite efforts to breed finer micron crossbred wool, there is still resistance towards the very strong microns and Cochrane foresees this trend to continue.

Mackay reflects on past annual markets and sees that this year is a mirroring of the 2017/18 season, and this has seen the price of wool halved since the mini wool boom in 2015/16.

A contributing factor could be due to the rise in the cost of production and shearing which are impacting on the farmers' bottom line.

On a positive note, lamb's wool has been bucking the trend and continues to sell well despite colour issues from the rainy season.

Cochrane says lambs have continued to gain international interest with their finer micron and combing length.
National Shearing Circuit
28 March 2019

Paerata Abraham takes the PGG Wrightson National Shearing Circuit Title

PGG Wrightson Wool were pleased to hand over the keys to the Hyundai Santa Fe vehicle to Paerata Abraham, the winner of the PGG Wrightson National Shearing Circuit. Paerata took possession of the vehicle on Friday, 23rd March at a formal handover at the PGG Wrightson Rural Supplies Store in Masterton and has free use of the vehicle for one year.

The PGG Wrightson National Shearing Circuit title has earned Paerata his first-ever selection for New Zealand as one of three shearers in the five-person team who will take on Australia in the trans-Tasman test early next summer. Click here to read the full article.


Pictured is Paerata Abraham, with his wife Cushla and their children Ariana, 6, and Mei-Marie, 1, receiving the keys to the vehicle he has won for the year from PGG Wrightson wool representative Marcus Loader, and Golden Shears president Sam Saunders. PHOTO/HAYLEY GASTMEIER

Jan 2019 Market Report
22 January 2019

Wool Market Report - January 2019

Export demand for wool has fallen away recently, as rising tension between China and the United States over trade tariffs has prompted Chinese manufacturers to take a cautious approach to their buying requirements. Through late winter and spring, fine, medium and strong wools all underwent reductions in demand, and therefore in price.

Although European and British markets for wool remain solid, the significant price lifts the sector needs depend on the volumes bought by China, which are not happening. 

Uncertainty around trade has also impacted the currency, therefore creating another setback for grower returns.

For crossbred wool, prices now mirror the low levels they fell to 12 months ago.

Aside from the trade situation around China, market conditions for fine wool growers are favourable. Demand for its use in active sportswear and outdoor clothing continues to grow, while drought in Australia reduced that country’s national fine wool clip, and therefore overall global market supply.

More positively, a live wool auction held in conjunction with the New Zealand Agricultural Show in Christchurch in mid-November, was well attended by buyers, growers and the public, who witnessed the transaction of more than $7 million worth of wool in four hours.

Wishing our suppliers, customers and other friends a profitable 2019. 

 Listen to Grant Edwards' January Wool Report on the Country with Jamie Mackay


Grant Edwards, Wool General Manager.

Wool News Auction Results
22 January 2019

Wool Auction Results - January 2019

We auction significant quantities of wool throughout the wool selling season at New Zealand's two key auction houses which are based in Napier and Christchurch.

Download the results for North and South Island sales below and catch up on market commentary with our respective wool managers.

Download the N30 Auction Results from the North Island sale on 24th Jan 2019 here

Download the C30 Auction Results from the South Island sale on 24th Jan 2019 here

Catch up on the most recent market commentary

Watch our latest market update after auction N30 at the Napier Auction House. Commentary is given by our North Island Wool Manager, Allan Jones.


Watch our latest market update after auction C30 at the Christchurch Auction House. Commentary is given by our South Island Wool Manager, Dave Burridge.


Ege - Wool Integrity - Wool News
21 January 2019

Danish Printed Carpet Manufacturer Joins Wool Integrity Programme

Leading European carpet manufacturer Ege has joined PGG Wrightson’s Wool Integrity programme.

Based in Denmark, Ege is a global market leader in the printed carpet sector.

Palle Petersen, general manager of PGG Wrightson Wool’s in-house export and marketing arm Bloch and Behrens Wool (NZ) Ltd, said the company is pleased to have Ege in the programme.

“Bloch and Behrens has supplied Ege for decades. Joining the Wool Integrity programme provides Ege’s clients with assurance around animal welfare and quality assurance.

“Producing the best quality printed wool carpets requires the whitest wool as raw material. New Zealand wool surpasses all others in its whiteness and capacity to take dye.

“Traditionally, Ege used some British wool to provide a higher bulk yarn. We have worked closely with Ege to develop a specific wool blend to meet their requirements, replacing the British component with New Zealand Perendale wool. Ege now uses 100 per cent New Zealand wool, blended here prior to scouring, providing a more consistent product,” he said.

Ege manufactures wool carpet tiles, wall to wall carpet and bespoke rugs for domestic and commercial use, including in high end hotel chains and luxury cruise liners. Ege’s printing technology provides unlimited design possibilities.

Ege was founded in 1938, is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide, and is headquartered in Herning, Denmark. Ege’s New Zealand distribution agent is Belgotex New Zealand, formerly known as Irvine Flooring. 

Responsible Wool Standard
9 January 2019

Responsible Wool Standard provides global benchmark for wool

PGG Wrightson Wool has achieved certification as a Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) organisation, and has recently exported the first fully certified shipment of scoured New Zealand strong wool to the International market place previously having only exported RWS compliant greasy wool. 

Using RWS as the entry point, the company has opened opportunities for  New Zealand woolgrowers to supply major global manufacturers. RWS provides consumers and retailers with assurances that a product adheres to audited ethical criteria as well as a fully transparent supply chain.

RWS is an international independent, voluntary standard for wool production, which aims to ensure that the five basic freedoms of sheep are always met:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress.

 RWS also ensures best practice in the management and protection of land. 

Any wool growers wanting to become RWS certified are able to join the programme in their own right through Asure Quality, the only New Zealand based certifying body. 
PGG Wrightson Wool has RWS accreditation in place to provide the supply chain and logistics functions and RWS export certification has been achieved by our International marketing arm Bloch & Behrens.

Further information: responsiblewool.org

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