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Research and Development

Scientists who understand commercial practicalities

The Fruitfed Supplies Research & Development team are all science degree-qualified, which means you can trust that their research work is scientifically-robust.  You can also expect them to also have a clear appreciation of the realities of commercial horticulture, the complexities of crop protection programmes and New Zealand’s challenging weather conditions.

The true value of all knowledge is being able to share it with those who benefit most from the information. For the R&D team that means being readily available to answer questions for Fruitfed Supplies customer service and field representatives seeking information or research data for their customers. 

Field Trials
The accurate running of field trials, under a variety of conditions, is an essential process to determining best fit for products, and testing can take months or, in some cases, years. This attention to detail ensures we understand how a product works in our growing conditions, whether in the warm and wet climes of the far north or the arid conditions of Central Otago, so we can make best practice recommendations with confidence.

Spray Programmes

Results and knowledge from our field trials with pipfruit, subtropical crops, wine grapes, onions, potatoes, and numerous other crops are utilised in a number of ways to benefit Fruitfed Supplies’ customers around the country.

Our own trial results combined with the latest international research data enable our Research & Development team to formulate current best use recommendations and design crop protection programmes specific to New Zealand’s conditions.

Talk your Fruitfed Supplies representative to discuss a crop spray programme.

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