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Grape Crop Monitoring

Following the principles of integrated pest management (IPM), Fruitfed Supplies’ grape monitoring service also works within the guidelines of the Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) scheme.

Our programme is a valuable management tool to improve crop quality while imparting minimal impact on the environment. The programme integrates the use of insect and disease monitoring, together with the knowledge of pest biology and behaviour, to alert you to any potential problems before things get out of hand.

Services available

  • Vineyard mapping
  • Full season or flexible monitoring programmes
  • Dial-a-monitor (one-off inspection)
  • Insect and disease identification
  • Biological assessments

Monitoring details

Fruitfed Supplies’ monitoring schedule has been developed to complement your pest and disease management programme with eight rounds (visits) timed to coincide with key growth stages of the crop. The programme can be adjusted to suit your requirements with any combination of rounds available, or as a one-off service (dial-a-monitor), or tailored monitoring for specific pests and diseases.

At each round, scouts visually inspect a representative sample of the vineyard for the presence of particular insects and disease that are known to be most relevant at that time. Information on beneficial insect activity, growth stage and any other observation (e.g. vine nutritional disorders or crop damage) are also recorded.

Reports are prepared after each round, providing you with accurate, up-to-date information about the identity, location and severity of insects and diseases in the vineyard – enabling you to formulate appropriate control measures.

Key pests monitored may vary according to seasonal or geographical need.

For more information, contact your local crop monitoring co-ordinator.

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