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Croplands Sprayers

Growing high-quality produce is the key to profitability and nothing is more important than ensuring your spray coverage gives your crop maximum protection.

Croplands Equipment manufactures and imports quality spray equipment, components and accessories in Australia and New Zealand and is a market leader with its commercial spray application technology.

Cropliner air-blast sprayers

The Cropliner horticultural sprayer is ideal for intensive plantings and narrow rows increasingly seen in today’s fruit orchards and is considered to be one of the most efficient sprayers on the market in New Zealand. Apply from 250 to 3,000 litres per hectare in an even, powerful spray pattern to pipfruit, stonefruit, kiwifruit citrus or grape crops.

Croplands Quantum Mist™

Using high volume air from each of the 5-blade SARDI fans, the Quantum Mist delivers turbulent air specifically targeted to the leaves and the fruit zone. Available in single-row, over-row and three-row configurations, the Quantum Mist sprayer offers many advantages in vineyards and orchards.

Fully adjustable, axial fan spray heads provide excellent coverage and the ability to adjust each head independently for total canopy targeting.

Spray head options include:
  • Quantum Mist 500 – The well-proven 500mm diameter spray head
  • Quantum Mist 380 – Launched in 2008, the 380mm diameter spray head offers smaller size, lower cost package with lower power requirements

Quantum Mist

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